Thermal Inkjet Handheld Printers

With more than 20 years of TIJ hanheld printer and handheld thermal inkjet printer experience, Sinletai is the best TIJ printer supplier of the world.

The right device for almost every requirement
The ideal field of application for the DailyJet handheld printer is the reliable marking of small to medium-sized batches. Mobile and smudge-proof labelling is also achieved without expensive label systems or labelling equipment thanks to the DailyJet handheld printer. Portable and flexible integration at any point in the production chain.
The marking of almost all surfaces is possible: cardboard, wood, pallets, paper. With specially developed Solvent inks, printing on complex surfaces such as foils and packaging as well as glass is possible.
No matter whether continuous barcodes or QR codes, graphics, logos, best-before date or LOT number - with the DailyJet handheld printers, smudge-proof printing is easy.

Sinletai is the leading TIJ printer supplier to offer customers the best quality and service for our TIJ hanheld printer and handheld thermal inkjet printer.