HP 2520 Black Smart Card Print Cartridge

HP 2520 Black Smart Card Print Cartridge
HP 2520 Black Smart Card Print Cartridge
▪ IC Chip: With Smart Card
▪ Ink color: Black
▪ Aqueous/Solvent Basis: Aqueous
▪ Ink type: Pigment / Dye Based
▪ Ink fill level (ml): 50 ml
▪ Avg. drop volume (pl): 26 pl
▪ Maximum firing frequency (kHz): 10
▪ Technology: HP Inkjet
▪ Print Swath: 12.7 mm (0.5 in)
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HP Black 2520 ink is a dark black, water-based ink with high-optical density that is ideal for high-resolution, small-character text, barcode coding, and data matrix codes at high speeds. To keep your productivity at its peak on intermittent printing jobs, we have combined this long-decap, high-performance Original HP ink with cost-effective HP Thermal Inkjet technology to provide consistent, highquality printing, without hassle.

Experience high-quality, intermittent printing
Get consistently high print quality, even after periods of non-printing. Maintain high quality and productivity on intermittent print jobs with this high-performance, dark black, high-optical density Original HP ink. Achieve consistent, high-resolution 600 dpi print quality with cost-effective HP Thermal Inkjet technology.

Maintain consistent, reliable printing
HP Thermal Inkjet technology combined with excellent decap time provides a lowmaintenance solution, enabling immediate startup and virtually no printhead servicing between jobs. And with an integrated cartridge design, you get a fresh printhead with each cartridge replacement, enabling high system reliability without expensive maintenance and servicing.

Achieve operational efficiency
Save time, improve productivity, and lower operating costs with HP Thermal Inkjet technology self-contained cartridges. The proven HP Thermal Inkjet technology enables low-cost, efficient ink usage; and the cartridges can be quickly and easily replaced by operators to eliminate time-consuming and routine maintenance. 

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